Practical Information for Family Members

If you’ve ever agonized over care decisions for a loved one, below are some practical tips that might help you get started.  As this blog is new we plan to use our expertise in elder care to present more tips.  Here are some beginning thoughts on preparations that may be needed right now :

  • Organize Your Parent’s Personal Health Record
  • It is never too late for End of Life Planning
  • Managing Medications
  • Finding Professionals who can help
  • Advocating for the Older Adult
  • Do you know how to Prevent falls in the home?
  • Finding independence through technology
  • Keeping the Older Adult in Their Home which is where they want to be
  • Mobility Equipment and other Assistive Equipment
  • To drive or Not to Drive?
  • Family Communications and Responsibilities
  • Encouraging the Older Adult’s Well-Being
  • Dealing With Dementia
  • When is Hospice needed?
  • Choosing a Residential Facility if there is no other alternative
  • Taking Care of the Caregiver
  • Providing Personal Care to Your Loved One

Please feel free to add your comments below if there is another topic you’d like for us to feature in the near future.  Thank you.