Visiting Mom or Dad From Out of Town?

If preparing to visit our seniors here in South Florida for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, I’d like to remind family members to take extra notice of obvious physical or mental changes since your last visit.  Is there evidence of excessive spending, unpaid bills, unkempt household or personal hygiene?  Is there an unusual volume of mail and solicitations for charities that you are not familiar with?  Are there new “best friends” that you have not met?  Eventually, most of our elder parents will need a caregiver.  Few family members plan to handle caregiving responsibilities until an emergency arises.  If you have questions about long-term care planning for your loved one, consult  with a professional who can help you do what is best.  At One-On-One Caregiver I will assess and plan ahead for your family member’s needs.  What’s best you will have my cell phone number – a very worthwhile service for faraway family members.  We provide appropriate care with heart and soul.  If interested, feel free to stop at our Delray Beach office or we can meet at your parent’s home.  See us on the web at or call our office: 561-865-5488.  Long Term Care Insurance Accepted.