Mothers Day and Gifting for a Loved One in a Senior Community

It’s time to start thinking about mother’s day and what family members can share with a parent at this time.  For hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living, nothing should ever be brought on to the unit without the unit manager’s approval and this includes everything!  For example, small decorations, candy and nuts may pose a choking hazard.  Some plants may be toxic.  Another thing to remember, is the person receiving the gift subject to potential harmful issues related to the gift?  Are there residents who may wander into another resident’s room and will those items pose a threat?  All food items family members bring on to the unit must be in a tin can and labeled with the names of the food item and date.  Try to abide by the facility rules for storing of food.  Family members and visitors should take all food items to the nurse’s station for approval before bringing to a resident or leaving in a resident’s room.  Why not try decorating a room with family photos, a religious book, or photos that remind the person of the past?  Decorating a room also gives staff members glimpses as to the senior’s former life and how they lived, what they looked like, whom they loved.  Why not organize your favorite non-profit or networking group to provide gifts for seniors?  Clear it with the unit manager at the facility you wish to donate to, or call the Activities Director at the facility.  He/she will be very happy to accept bingo prizes, puzzles, and with a small budget every gift would make the resident very happy as they are being passed.  You might even consider donating the food from a nearby restaurant for the annual holiday party.  There is no end to the amount of creativity and ideas that both you and the Activity Director can come up with for mother’s day gifts.